About SC Appeals – Tips and News

SC Appeals – Tips and News is devoted to South Carolina appellate practice. It strives to give lawyers helpful information on the nuts and bolts on when and how to appeal, and what to expect once you do. It answers questions like —

Is there an appeal?

The first question to ask is whether the order you want to appeal is appealable and if the error you want to raise was preserved.

Posts on preservation cover how to appeal trial errors by getting a trial-court ruling after raising the issue on the record with specificity.

Other posts explain standards of review or how hard the appellate court will look at the issues that you want to appeal.

How do you appeal?

Posts describe when and how to file and serve the notice of appeal, and explain when the appeal stays the order that you want reviewed. After that, there is a handy flow chart on an appeal’s next steps and deadlines.

What goes in the record?

Other posts cover how to prepare the record on appeal.

What must an appeal brief say and how do you say it?

Most of the posts focus or will focus on the appeal briefs, including the brief’s tables, statement of the issues, statement of facts, argument, and conclusion. In the argument section, posts describe the South Carolina rules of statutory construction and how to spot and answer logical fallacies.

Posts also cover a brief’s typography or appearance, and how to edit the brief to make it more persuasive.

Many of the tips come directly from appellate judges.

What about appellate motions?

Besides briefs on the merits, SC Appeals – Tips and News discusses appellate motions that are available, such as motions to tax costs.

What about oral argument?

Oral argument tips from appellate judges and experienced practitioners are included.

Anything else?

The blog lastly highlights noteworthy cases on South Carolina appellate practice.

Please know that the posts are not legal advice and do not create an attorney-client relationship. And any result that the Law Office of Robert Hill may have achieved on behalf of clients in other matters does not necessarily indicate similar results can be obtained for other clients. 

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