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Tips on 24 Hours Before Oral Argument

Attorney Kannon Shanmugam of the Williams & Connolly law firm in Washington, DC, offers  podcast tips on, “The Last 24 Hours Before Oral Argument.”


Anyone have other tips to add?

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5 Appellate Tips from Judge Patricia Wald

Former Judge Patricia M. Wald gave lawyers “19 Tips From 19 Years on the Appellate Bench.” This delightful essay distills Judge Wald’s work sitting on about 2600 appeals, and writing 800 opinions, while a member of the DC Circuit Court of Appeals.

Here is a summary of five of the appellate tips – Continue reading

Oral Argument Tips from the Delaware Supreme Court

Delaware Supreme Court

Delaware Supreme Court

Members of a state Supreme Court recently shared on how lawyers should frame their oral argument and handle questions. The Justices on Delaware’s highest court first ask lawyers to begin by stating precisely the issues, the trial court’s claimed error, and what the Supreme Court should do about it. Continue reading