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Simple Words are Best

Einstein on SimplicityWhy do lawyers use legalese?

Bryan A. Garner dates the origins to the classical Greek and Roman era’s competing rhetorical traditions. One tradition is florid Asiatic prose, and is the prose of John Milton and Benjamin Cardozo. The competing Attic prose is more plain, and is the prose of Hemingway and Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. Others, including ancient Rome’s Cicero, used both. Bryan A. Garner, Garner on Language and Writing (American Bar Association 2009) 40-46. Continue reading

5 Stages in Editing an Appellate Brief

In a post earlier this year, Kirby Griffis argued that lawyers should not try to edit their appellate briefs in one pass. He noted that book publishers have multiple editors to go through distinct tasks, including looking at organization and structure; checking the facts; reading for transitions and flow; and proofing for grammar, spelling, and usage. Continue reading