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SC Supreme Court – Streaming Oral Arguments

The South Carolina Supreme Court is now streaming its oral arguments. The Court’s upcoming roster is available here. You may view the oral arguments here.

Links to oral arguments in other state courts are available here, and audio from the United States Supreme Court and many of the federal circuit courts is available here.

Happy listening!

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New Feed for Appellate Arguments

Recordings of appellate arguments in the United States Supreme Court and 10 federal circuit courts are now available from a website and twitter feed. With updates every 15 minutes, the sites let you play, search, and download the recordings.

Kudos to Brad Heath, a journalist with USA Today, who developed the sites.

Praises also to the National Center for State Courts. It similarly complied a site that has links to oral argument recordings from several state appellate courts.

Please enjoy.

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Tips on 24 Hours Before Oral Argument

Attorney Kannon Shanmugam of the Williams & Connolly law firm in Washington, DC, offers  podcast tips on, “The Last 24 Hours Before Oral Argument.”


Anyone have other tips to add?

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5 Appellate Tips from Judge Patricia Wald

Former Judge Patricia M. Wald gave lawyers “19 Tips From 19 Years on the Appellate Bench.” This delightful essay distills Judge Wald’s work sitting on about 2600 appeals, and writing 800 opinions, while a member of the DC Circuit Court of Appeals.

Here is a summary of five of the appellate tips – Continue reading